Birth to 3 Years



Each individual learns and grows in his or her own way. For example, some children begin walking or talking at an earlier or later age than other children. Sometimes this leaves parents with questions or concerns about how their child is developing.


When you have questions or concerns about your child’s development, a good first step is to speak to your family physician. However, many people do not realize that they should also contact their school district.


The Millard School District employs specialists in early childhood development. An evaluation of your child’s skills may be recommended. The evaluation results will help determine if there is a delay in your child’s skills and whether early childhood special education may be appropriate. There is no charge for the evaluation or for services provided.


An important feature of Early Childhood Special Education is collaboration with the family. If needed, an Individual Family Service Plan or Individual Education Program is developed with the family and the appropriate service providers.


Eligible children may receive special education services in their home, daycare, private preschool, or special education preschool classrooms located in five Millard elementary schools.


Special education service providers will work with you and your child and may include one or more of the following: Early Childhood Special Education, Speech/Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, School Psychologist, Teacher of the Hearing Impaired, Vision Consultant, Augmentative Communication Specialist, and School Audiologist.

FAMILY PROGRAMS AND RESOURCES - Early Childhood Family Center


Andrea Kidd                                      Linda Walters

Teacher                                             Teacher           




Meagan Basye

Family Specialist

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Sandoz Elementary                                   Cody Elementary

-Helen Evans-Hicks                                    -Laura Hightower

Home Visitor                                                Home Visitor             


-Eileen Cabrera                                           -Brittney White

Family Facilitator                                        Family Facilitator             




Kiara Taylor

Home Visitor



Early Development Network

The Early Development Network is a program designed to provide services for children age birth to three that have some type of delay in their development or a disability. Each family that is referred to our program is assigned a Services Coordinator that will assist the family through the assessment process, connect the family to professionals that can address the child's developmental concerns and link the family with community resources that may be helpful to the child or family.  This program is provided at no cost to families. 



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Early intervention specialists who provide special education services

to eligible children and their families may include an audiologist,

occupational therapist, physical therapist, school psychologist, special

education teacher, speech-language pathologist, teacher of the hearing

impaired, and a visual consultant.

Andrea Parsons

Speech/Language Pathologist


Christine Bukowski

Speech/Language Pathologist


Kris Bamesberger

Speech/Language Pathologist


Denise Larson

Speech/Language Pathologist


Bethany Ray

Occupational Therapist


Amy Houlton

Occupational Therapist


Maggie Hebenstreit

Physical Therapist


Kelly Ealy

Physical Therapist

 Jean Tooher

School Psychologist

Chris Janovec

School Psychologist

Laura Innes

Birth-3 Special Educator


Kim Bolan

Birth-3 Special Educator


Deidre Reeh

Birth-3 Special Educator


Cheryl Decker

Birth-3 Special Educator


Cheryl Custard

Occupational Therapist

 Amy Shattuck

Physical Therapist


Jean Daigle

Physical Therapist


Carrie Swaney

Vision Teacher


Darla Bell

Vision Teacher


Cindy Barr-McNair

Vision Teacher


Developmental Screening