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Sixpence Home Visiting

Sixpence is a home visiting program that is committed to improving the school readiness and life outcomes of infants and toddlers, especially those most vulnerable to risk factors affecting early brain development and skill formation. The program addresses the individual needs of young children (prenatal to age 3) and their families. Sixpence focuses its efforts on infants and toddlers that are subject to particular risk factors known to affect kindergarten readiness and academic achievement.  Many of these risk factors experienced at the family level can impair parents' effectiveness as educators, caregivers and providers. 

To qualify for participation in a Sixpence-funded program, children and families must be subject to at least one of five factors identified in statute by the Nebraska Department of Education.  

  • Low Household Income: defined by eligibility for participation in the federal free and reduced cost lunch program
  • Parents with Limited Educational Attainment: defined by the lack of a high school degree or equivalent
  • Non-English Speaking Households
  • Parents Under 20 Years Old
  • Prematurity or Low Birth Weight: as verified by a physician

Sixpence-funded programs serve children who have developmental risks that are far beyond those that determine eligibility for services. Other liabilities can include socially isolated families, mental illness, food insecurity, unstable households and parents with limited understanding of children's developmental needs.

Even a single risk factor can affect a child's school readiness and prospects for long-term success.  Multiple risk factors can lead to vital threats to healthy brain development, skill formation and lifelong emotional and physiological health.

No single intervention can address all of the circumstances and obstacles known to damage the optimal development of infants and toddlers, but Sixpence shows how strengthening the skills and supports of parents and families can change a child's life trajectory and jump start long term benefits.

For more information or to see if you qualify for Millard's Sixpence Program, contact us today at 402-715-6392.

SIxpence Early Learning Fund 

*Sixpence serves families facing circumstances and risk factors known to radically change children's prospects for school readiness and lifelong success

*The majority of infants and toddlers participating in Sixpence programs are subject to multiple, simultaneous developmental hazards with long lasting effects on their early brain development and skill formation. 

*Sixpence educates parents to become more effective, responsive caregivers during their children's critical first three years and beyond.