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Families with young children often have a difficult time finding developmentally appropriate activities for the whole family. This website is dedicated to identifying activities that families can enjoy with their young children, ages birth to five. Each of the places identified has been recommended by other families with young children. Each of the places suggested is linked with information about how to make the most of the experience for your young child, including adaptations for children with special needs.

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Our web site is designed to be very easy to navigate. The first page you will come to when you click on Ways to play is the Plays Overview Page which lists the two major interest areas: Inside Activities and Outside Activities. By clicking on these headings, you will access information about opportunities available in the Metro area for family outings. Each of the recommended activities includes basic information and a web address.


Many of you are very experienced in accessing web sites and the information contained in them. For those of you who have had less experience with web pages, there are some basic instructions on how to find information within each site. For example, under the title: Omaha Public Library, there is a brief description of how to get to some of the information we felt would be most relevant to young families, such as locations and programs for young children.


Of course, there are many other pieces of information contained in each web site and, to some extent, you will need to try various topics until you find what is of most interest to you and your family.


In addition to the links to web sites provided in our web page, you will find a number of specific suggestions about how to enhance learning within the settings suggested. To access any of this information, you just click on the button preceding the topic of interest.